Starters and Solos

Startup: Launchpad

The way your business starts can have a significant impact on its future size, shape and longevity

How we help:

• In the early stages of a new business, success depends on nuts and bolts issues such as funding, strategic planning and business structure.

• We support you in setting realistic budgets and forecasts, planning for growth and organising your business in the most tax efficient way. We also advise on practical issues such as sourcing finance and the right skills to expand.

• We encourage you to challenge your strategy and cultivate your goals to ensure you develop a robust and sustainable business.

Set out below are some of the key considerations our clients have come across when starting their business.

1. What is your business strategy and how are you going to take your ideas forward?

2. What is the most appropriate structure for your business?

3. How are you going to fund your business, now and in the future?

4. Do you have a business plan that is achievable, realistic and sustainable?

5. Have you considered your back office requirements – outsourcing or an internally managed process?

We make sure things stack up!

“As a newly self employed care worker I was unsure of what I could claim as expenses. Lizzy guided me through the process and took away all the guess work, leaving me in control and much more relaxed. The first tax submission sum was less than I had guessed, and Lizzy handled all the submitting for me direct to HMRC, taking away all the stress.” – Jennie T

Growers and Groovers

Growth: Velocity

The fastest growing businesses tend to be those that are excited about innovation and who empower those who work alongside them.

How we help:

• Whatever decisions and challenges you face as your business grows, we will keep you energised and focused on your goals.

• We help you plan and implement change to maintain a competitive edge. From research and new product development to exploring new markets, we guide you through the process and ensure you take advantage of any incentives available.

• Your team will become a key consideration at this stage in the development of your business. Our expertise will enable you to choose the most appropriate employee benefits and incentives for your organisation so that you can nurture talent and retain expertise.

Set out below are some of the key considerations our clients have come across when growing their business.

1. What is your growth strategy and is the structure of the business adequate to cope with the strategy being taken forward?

2. How will you expand – organically or via strategy? Have you got the right funding to help with the expansion?

3. Is your key management team motivated and adequately remunerated for potential future events?

4. Do you need outside help and expertise – the make-up of your board and acquiring the right talent?

5. Is your business fit for purpose – has it got the right infrastructure or internal controls in place to cope with growth?

We promise to get all your ducks in line!

“I’ve gone from financial chaos to financial control. Lizzy has a very calm, reassuring, professional approach which immediately made me feel less overwhelmed. With her help and guidance I now am on-top of my finances and able to create a stable, forward facing business ready for growth. Everyone should have an Angel by their side !

I would highly recommend Tax Angel to anyone.” – Mary C

Top of the Worlders

Established Businesses : Horizon/Skyline

By now you will be au fait with the the daily demands and the extraordinary experiences you enjoy as part of running your own successful business. Now is the time to ensure that you are taken care of with our Financial Future Proofing and our Strategic Systems Reboot.

How we help:

Financial Future Proofing

You know better than anyone the derailing issues you can encounter on a daily basis. With our help you will know that no matter what occurs, your longterm financial health is assured and your business will survive, take flight and expand to fulfill your dreams. By this stage you don’t need us to tell you how to do what you do, but you will have learnt how much value a trusted expert can bring and will be ready to plan for your ultimate goals and success. Adaptive and responsive, we are ready to move with you and help you achieve your full potential.

Strategic Systems Reboot

From time to time, we all encounter hurdles which can cause us to pause. Our role here is to assist you in developing new strategies which anticipate such obstacles and ensure you are prepared to overcome them. It may be necessary to take stock and reboot – and this is where Tax Angel can support you as you reframe your ambitions and take a refreshed look at the road ahead.

Come what may, we will be with you every step of the way; celebrating your wins, cheering your goals and providing you with what you need to reach for your highest peak!

How’s the view? Want it to stay perfect?

“It’s hard work getting to where you are right now, and my greatest delight is to know that we’ve been able make a real impact on what our clients thought they could achieve. When I look back at how far we’ve come, and in such a short time, I know that we are doing the right thing and providing a valuable service to clients who appreciate what we do. That’s why I get up in the morning and go to bed at night happy.

Knowing that Tax Angel is making a difference, makes all the difference to me.”

– Lizzy, Tax Angel

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